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The Good Tech, Inc. is dedicated to reducing your costs, improving your efficiency, and increasing the reliability of the technology systems for you and your business. We approach every issue with your existing personnel, practices, and systems in order to provide for the needs of your business on every level. Your business needs a system that works for you and The Good Tech, Inc. is your partner in meeting those needs.

Hardware and Software
Through our many different hardware and software vendors we are able to provide you with the latest technologies at the lowest prices. This means you can keep your office running at top speed without having to spend a lot of money doing it. When your computers are running fast and smooth, you can too.

Networking / Wireless Networking
Networking your computers allows many benefits, including sharing printers, file storage, shared internet connection, as well as many others. New wireless technology allows you to roam your office without needing a network cable attached to your laptop. This can come in very useful for that client meeting in the conference room, or for the sunny days when you would rather work on the patio.

Network Security
With your internet connection in place, you should make sure that it is secure. The last thing that you want is a hacker or malicious virus wreaking havoc on your network. We offer different solutions for firewalls, routers, and virus checking software to help keep your home or office secure.

Remote Monitoring
Once your network is set up, secure, and running at full speed, we can administer and fix issues remotely so you don't have to wait for someone to come to the office. This means you can get back to work sooner and decrease loss of productivity.

" Internet security breaches and fraud attempts have outpaced the "impressive" growth of Internet usage with the U.S. being the biggest target by attackers, according to statistics released by Verisign. "
By Ryan Naraine and CyberAtlas staff.

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