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Bryan Reniker, President
More than 9 years of technology implementation, analysis, and management experience allowed Bryan to see an opportunity in providing small and medium sized businesses with the same tools larger enterprises enjoy for efficiency and cost reductions. Finding a quality technology partner is often much more difficult than it should be and The Good Tech, Inc. was created to make that search much easier. Our customers rely on us to give them sound solutions at affordable prices; everything from equipment to websites and backend applications. Bryan brings with him a dedication to the satisfaction of the end result to the customer. Their satisfaction is the measure of success.

Chad Mortensen, Chief Operating Officer
With over 7 years in the web marketing and design industry and 11 years using the internet Chad has the knowledge and experience to provide valuable insight into any internet or technology situation you might come across."We were definitely one of the first families on the block with a computer and as soon as the internet was available in Las Vegas we were first in line to sign up" says Chad Mortensen. Art and design was always the path that Chad was destined to follow. It wasn't until college that he realized that he could express his artistic abilities as well as satisfy the geeky side of him that was always looking for something new and modern to play with.

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